Exceed Images is a premier full-service photography studio located in Herkimer, New York. From family photography, to corporate web page layout and design, Exceed has all your bases covered.

For The Fall of 2016 we are offering our $150.00 family portrait package for $50.00. Please call us today at (315) 866-2500 or on cell at (843) 448-1515 to schedule your family.

Due to increased demand for different sizes of prints and different packages, we have discontinued out "package pricing" and opted to bring you better value by offering prints ala-cart on our web site (at professional imaging prices slightly less than 15% more than Wal Mart of CVS). These prints are cropped, color corrected and printed on professional paper by the nations leading lab, Miller's Imaging.

Alternatively, you may purchase all of your final images on CD Rom (at 25+ megapixels) for the price of $50.00. Nowhere else in this area will you find our professional quality, up to an hour shoot and a CD rom with all images for $100.00 total. This is an unheard of special. Shop our competitors then book with us!